shona branigan photographer: Blog en-us (C) shona branigan photographer (shona branigan photographer) Mon, 16 Mar 2015 15:41:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2015 15:41:00 GMT shona branigan photographer: Blog 120 120 St Andrews Church Corbridge and Shepherds Dene Lovely wedding at St Andrews Church, Corbridge with the reception at Shepherds Dene. 



IMG_0228IMG_0228 IMG_0230IMG_0230 IMG_0232IMG_0232 IMG_0240IMG_0240 IMG_0345-2IMG_0345-2 IMG_0387-2IMG_0387-2 IMG_0390-2IMG_0390-2 IMG_0393-2IMG_0393-2 IMG_0405IMG_0405 IMG_0410-2IMG_0410-2 IMG_0411-2IMG_0411-2 IMG_0417-2IMG_0417-2 IMG_0432-2IMG_0432-2 IMG_0439-2IMG_0439-2 IMG_0447-2IMG_0447-2 IMG_0462-2IMG_0462-2 IMG_0528-2IMG_0528-2 IMG_0533-2IMG_0533-2 IMG_0574-2IMG_0574-2 IMG_0614-2IMG_0614-2 IMG_0726-2IMG_0726-2 IMG_0761-2IMG_0761-2 IMG_0765-2IMG_0765-2 IMG_0772-2IMG_0772-2 IMG_0799-2IMG_0799-2 IMG_0819-2IMG_0819-2 IMG_0827IMG_0827 IMG_0862IMG_0862 IMG_0904-2IMG_0904-2 IMG_0931-2IMG_0931-2 IMG_0947-2IMG_0947-2 IMG_0958-2IMG_0958-2 IMG_0991-2IMG_0991-2 IMG_1041-2IMG_1041-2 IMG_1042-2IMG_1042-2 IMG_1076-2IMG_1076-2 IMG_1088-2IMG_1088-2 IMG_1094-2IMG_1094-2 IMG_1108IMG_1108 IMG_1208IMG_1208 IMG_1213IMG_1213

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Intimate wedding slaley hall hotel  


Slaley Hall Hotel is a lovely venue for smaller weddings too where it is possible to use the older rooms of the original building.

IMG_5938IMG_5938 IMG_5941IMG_5941 IMG_5942IMG_5942 IMG_5944IMG_5944 IMG_5945IMG_5945 IMG_5947IMG_5947 IMG_5950IMG_5950 IMG_5952IMG_5952 IMG_5956IMG_5956 IMG_5957IMG_5957 IMG_5979IMG_5979 IMG_6005IMG_6005 IMG_6002IMG_6002 IMG_6009IMG_6009 IMG_6012IMG_6012 IMG_6022IMG_6022 IMG_6037IMG_6037 IMG_6049IMG_6049 IMG_6107IMG_6107 IMG_6112IMG_6112 IMG_6122IMG_6122 IMG_6140-2IMG_6140-2 IMG_6277IMG_6277 IMG_6382IMG_6382 IMG_6431IMG_6431 IMG_6434IMG_6434 IMG_6495IMG_6495 IMG_6522IMG_6522 IMG_6529IMG_6529 IMG_6535IMG_6535 IMG_6536IMG_6536 IMG_6538IMG_6538 IMG_6541IMG_6541 IMG_6542IMG_6542 IMG_6540IMG_6540 IMG_6563IMG_6563 IMG_6579IMG_6579 IMG_6591IMG_6591 IMG_6592IMG_6592 IMG_6596IMG_6596 IMG_6630IMG_6630 IMG_6638IMG_6638 IMG_6661IMG_6661 IMG_6669IMG_6669 IMG_6670IMG_6670 IMG_6686IMG_6686 IMG_6701IMG_6701

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Slaley Hall Hotel  

Lovely November wedding at Minsteracres and then reception at Slaley Hall Hotel.

IMG_9001-2IMG_9001-2 IMG_9009IMG_9009 IMG_9011IMG_9011 IMG_9012IMG_9012 IMG_9066IMG_9066 IMG_9125-2IMG_9125-2 IMG_9127IMG_9127 IMG_9137-2IMG_9137-2 IMG_9150-2IMG_9150-2 IMG_9165IMG_9165 IMG_9182IMG_9182 IMG_9195-2IMG_9195-2 IMG_9212IMG_9212 IMG_9223IMG_9223 IMG_9246IMG_9246 IMG_9252IMG_9252 IMG_9280-2IMG_9280-2 IMG_9319-2IMG_9319-2 IMG_9327-2IMG_9327-2 IMG_9358-2IMG_9358-2 IMG_9382-2IMG_9382-2 IMG_9383-2IMG_9383-2 IMG_9404IMG_9404 IMG_9423-2IMG_9423-2 IMG_9472IMG_9472 IMG_9474IMG_9474 IMG_9476IMG_9476 IMG_9500IMG_9500 IMG_9682-2IMG_9682-2 IMG_9691IMG_9691 IMG_9707IMG_9707 IMG_9802IMG_9802 IMG_9809IMG_9809 IMG_9812IMG_9812 IMG_9818IMG_9818 IMG_9819IMG_9819

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Langley Castle natural Wedding Photos

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Mother's day family portrait session Ask any Mum what she loves best, and she's bound to answer the way I do, seeing my kids happy is the best feeling in the world. So lets plan a get together of the whole family, have some fun in the sunshine and remind ourselves of what we love best. You can give this gift on Mother's day and it will stay valid until Mum's ready to use it. The gift includes all the good photos on CD too, to be kept forever.

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St Aiden's Church Bamburgh I have photographed a few times at St Aidens now and its always a delight to head up to Bamburgh. We are so lucky in Northumberland. Its a beautiful church with a fabulous long walk to the door. This couple had their Marquee in the field next to the church which was  astounding location and we were blessed with beautiful weather too. Pretty sunset and Bamburgh castle all lit up as I left after the first dance.



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wedding Ponteland Methodist Chapel  

A lot of excited anticipation for the arrival of the bride at Ponteland Methodist Chapel. Blending in with the guests and the atmosphere at the Chapel as everyone arrives and gets ready for the bride. I love this part of the day, it feels very special. It's also the time that I can get to know everyone as they arrive.

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Hexham Abbey Wedding  


Hexham Abbey is a beautiful building to be married in. It's right in the heart of Hexham. 

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St James Church Wedding Another lovely wedding at St James Church Riding Mill. There are different ways of exiting the church after the ceremony and meeting your guests. For this wedding the couple chose to come out and then walk around to the other church door where we could take a few quick photos and then go inside for some near the Alter. this gave the guests time to leave the church through the main door and they were ready with cheers and confetti when the couple emerged. Whichever wedding I am photographing I fit in with the plans of the bride and groom, and those conducting the ceremony, in this way it all goes smoothly and gently.



IMG_3250IMG_3250 IMG_3251IMG_3251 IMG_3253IMG_3253 IMG_3256IMG_3256 IMG_3261-2IMG_3261-2 IMG_3265IMG_3265 IMG_3280-2IMG_3280-2 IMG_3282IMG_3282 IMG_3322IMG_3322 IMG_3334-2IMG_3334-2 IMG_3340-2IMG_3340-2 IMG_3351-2IMG_3351-2 IMG_3352-2IMG_3352-2 IMG_3354IMG_3354 IMG_3356IMG_3356 IMG_3358-2IMG_3358-2 IMG_3366-2IMG_3366-2 IMG_3379-2IMG_3379-2 IMG_3380-2IMG_3380-2 IMG_3382-2IMG_3382-2 IMG_3385-2IMG_3385-2 IMG_3389-2IMG_3389-2 IMG_3392-2IMG_3392-2 IMG_3396-2IMG_3396-2 IMG_3397-2IMG_3397-2 IMG_3398-2IMG_3398-2 IMG_3424-2IMG_3424-2 IMG_3427-2IMG_3427-2 IMG_3429-2IMG_3429-2 IMG_3437-2IMG_3437-2 IMG_3467-2IMG_3467-2 IMG_3473IMG_3473 IMG_3476IMG_3476 IMG_3505IMG_3505 IMG_3509IMG_3509 IMG_3521IMG_3521 IMG_3524IMG_3524 IMG_3530-2IMG_3530-2 IMG_3532-2IMG_3532-2 IMG_3538IMG_3538 IMG_3539IMG_3539 IMG_3543IMG_3543 IMG_3552-2IMG_3552-2 IMG_3553-2IMG_3553-2 IMG_3555-2IMG_3555-2 IMG_3560-2IMG_3560-2 IMG_3564-2IMG_3564-2 IMG_3569IMG_3569 IMG_3578-2IMG_3578-2 IMG_3579-2IMG_3579-2

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St James Church Riding Mill Wedding Church weddings are a great opportunity for informal relaxed photos and I love the atmosphere of waiting at the church for the Bridal car to arrive. Coming out of the church after the ceremony is a lovely time for candid shots of the congratulations and everyone's best wishes. Just the time for the photography to be the quiet observer until when the buzz naturally dies down,then to do some quick groups at the church door.



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Hexham Registry office Wedding Hexham Registry Office uses the Queens Hall in Hexham for their ceremonies. It's a lovely light room with a rather beautiful tapestry. It's very easy to then cross the road to the Park opposite which is great all year round for photos.



IMG_0107IMG_0107 IMG_0112IMG_0112 IMG_0116IMG_0116 IMG_0118IMG_0118 IMG_0138IMG_0138 IMG_0159IMG_0159 IMG_0185IMG_0185 IMG_0198IMG_0198 IMG_0222IMG_0222 IMG_0233-2IMG_0233-2 IMG_0268IMG_0268 IMG_0273IMG_0273 IMG_0279IMG_0279 IMG_0294-2IMG_0294-2 IMG_0299-2IMG_0299-2 IMG_0300-2IMG_0300-2 IMG_0309-2IMG_0309-2 IMG_0320-2IMG_0320-2 IMG_0326-3IMG_0326-3 IMG_0340IMG_0340 IMG_0348-2IMG_0348-2 IMG_0365IMG_0365 IMG_0395IMG_0395 IMG_0397IMG_0397 IMG_0438-2IMG_0438-2 IMG_0477IMG_0477 IMG_0490IMG_0490 IMG_0491IMG_0491 IMG_0496IMG_0496

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Newcastle upon Tyne Registry Office Wedding Newcastle upon Tyne registry office is right in the heart of the city, but you can still find some lovely trees and pretty light just outside. The reception was at the Biscuit factory in Newcastle an art gallery packed with beautiful pictures.



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Durham Registry office County Durham registry office is at Aykley Heads House a beautiful old building with lots of character. It's also painted a fantastic sunny yellow which gave it a tropical look for this summer wedding.



IMG_1256IMG_1256 IMG_1266IMG_1266 IMG_1273IMG_1273 IMG_1270IMG_1270 IMG_1276IMG_1276 IMG_1277IMG_1277 IMG_1325IMG_1325 IMG_1374IMG_1374 IMG_1387-2IMG_1387-2 IMG_1389-2IMG_1389-2 IMG_1398IMG_1398 IMG_1411IMG_1411 IMG_1458-2IMG_1458-2 IMG_1495-2IMG_1495-2 IMG_1501IMG_1501 IMG_1541-2IMG_1541-2 IMG_1544IMG_1544 IMG_1562-2IMG_1562-2 IMG_1592IMG_1592 IMG_1624IMG_1624 IMG_1635IMG_1635 IMG_1698IMG_1698 IMG_1737-2IMG_1737-2 IMG_1766IMG_1766 IMG_1776IMG_1776 IMG_1815IMG_1815 IMG_1818-2IMG_1818-2 IMG_1842IMG_1842 IMG_1914-2IMG_1914-2

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Otterburn Castle  


I have photographed a number of times at St Mary the Virgin in Ponteland, it's a beautiful church with plenty of pretty garden space too. It was nice to be back for Lucy's wedding having photographed her sister a couple of years earlier at the same church.

]]> (shona branigan photographer) otterburn castle wedding st mary the virgin st mary the virgin ponteland Mon, 23 Feb 2015 17:24:34 GMT
St Peters Church Newbrough  



Bright crisp winter light for this wedding at St Peters. Lovely church, and it snowed later too.

IMG_0006IMG_0006 IMG_0009IMG_0009 IMG_0019IMG_0019 IMG_0049IMG_0049 IMG_0059IMG_0059 IMG_0079IMG_0079 IMG_0140IMG_0140 IMG_0156-2IMG_0156-2 IMG_0161IMG_0161 IMG_0183-2IMG_0183-2 IMG_0238IMG_0238 IMG_0248IMG_0248 IMG_0325IMG_0325 IMG_0336IMG_0336 IMG_0342IMG_0342 IMG_0359-EditIMG_0359-Edit IMG_0361IMG_0361 IMG_0369-Edit-EditIMG_0369-Edit-Edit IMG_0384IMG_0384 IMG_0386IMG_0386 IMG_0397IMG_0397 IMG_0436IMG_0436 IMG_0515IMG_0515 IMG_0512-Edit-EditIMG_0512-Edit-Edit IMG_0527IMG_0527 IMG_0528IMG_0528 IMG_0544IMG_0544 IMG_0552IMG_0552 IMG_0634IMG_0634 IMG_0712IMG_0712

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Alnwick Garden Tree House  

Alnwick Garden Tree house, very romantic for weddings. I love photographing weddings here.

IMG_6239-2IMG_6239-2 IMG_6287-2IMG_6287-2 IMG_6366-2IMG_6366-2 IMG_6586-2IMG_6586-2 IMG_6819-2IMG_6819-2

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South Causey Inn wedding Gorgeous autumn inspired colours for this wedding and we were rewarded with a beautiful bright Autumn sunshine too. Lots of natural photos flowing easily and without fuss.


IMG_0168IMG_0168 IMG_0169IMG_0169 IMG_0173IMG_0173 IMG_0178IMG_0178 IMG_0179IMG_0179 IMG_0203IMG_0203 IMG_0410IMG_0410 IMG_0430IMG_0430 IMG_0480IMG_0480 IMG_0595-2IMG_0595-2 IMG_0618IMG_0618 IMG_0634IMG_0634 IMG_0674IMG_0674 IMG_0712-2IMG_0712-2 IMG_0722-2IMG_0722-2 IMG_0751IMG_0751 IMG_0762-2IMG_0762-2 IMG_0850-2IMG_0850-2 IMG_0871-2IMG_0871-2 IMG_0924-2IMG_0924-2 IMG_0929IMG_0929 IMG_0930IMG_0930 IMG_0934IMG_0934 IMG_0947IMG_0947 IMG_0945IMG_0945 IMG_0974IMG_0974 IMG_1024IMG_1024 IMG_1035IMG_1035 IMG_1102IMG_1102 IMG_1157IMG_1157 IMG_1415IMG_1415 IMG_1429IMG_1429 IMG_1430IMG_1430 IMG_1441IMG_1441

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Winter Gardens Hexham Vintage wedding The Winter Gardens in Hexham is a lovely space for your wedding whatever the theme. Lots of windows and natural light which I love, and plenty of freedom to make it your own.

IMG_8815IMG_8815 IMG_8820IMG_8820 IMG_8827IMG_8827 IMG_8904IMG_8904 IMG_8912IMG_8912 IMG_8960IMG_8960 IMG_9004IMG_9004 IMG_9193IMG_9193 IMG_9317-2IMG_9317-2 IMG_9360IMG_9360 IMG_9369-2IMG_9369-2 IMG_9353-2IMG_9353-2 IMG_9516-EditIMG_9516-Edit IMG_9517IMG_9517 IMG_9543-EditIMG_9543-Edit IMG_9668IMG_9668 IMG_9798-2IMG_9798-2 IMG_9801-2IMG_9801-2 IMG_9891IMG_9891 IMG_9900IMG_9900 IMG_9942IMG_9942 IMG_9944IMG_9944 IMG_9948IMG_9948 IMG_9951IMG_9951

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Duns Castle

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Jesmond Parish Church

]]> (shona branigan photographer) jesmond parish church jesmond parish church newcastle newcastle wedding Sun, 22 Feb 2015 20:38:30 GMT